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A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins...

A journey of a thousand miles begins after a few glasses of wine and a good airline deal to a great destination. Or that’s how our journey began.

Even though I consider myself well-traveled, the world is such a large place and I knew wanted to see and experience more of it with any opportunity I got. And then the thought hit me: I can create those opportunities for myself. I’ve had an idea for a trip like this before I had ever heard of the name Tim Ferris or the terms vagabonding or ‘digital nomad’. So began, a many-year’s long plan in my head to be able to ‘travel as a lifestyle’.

This started with small tasks at first. Every month I would get rid of 5-10 things - it’s amazing how many items we own that have no real use to us. I started using 1 monitor for all my work - I wouldn’t have more than 1 monitor with me on the road, after all. As a software developer, I knew I could take my vocation with me anywhere - I plan to write more about this topic. And I planted the seed of this idea to both my family and my girlfriend, Michelle, so as to not catch anyone off-guard.

Michelle was very much on-board. As a person with an international background herself, she was also fascinated with the ways of the world and the cultures she hasn’t experienced yet. Our conversations about this idea became more and more tangible. Then, one night, after a few glasses of wine and a good airline deal to a great destination, we pulled the trigger.

Michelle and myself are currently in Lisbon, Portugal for the next month. This is the first stop of many on our indefinite digital nomad journey together. Seeing, experiencing, eating, meeting, working, living.

I hope you’ll follow our story as we post updates from our travels. Saude!