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The Perfect Transition Plan - How We Get from A to B, Stress Free

Travel days are stressful, we all know that. And being that we live on the road, we tend to have more travel days than most. So we’ve come up with a system to help reduce friction where possible, making for an almost seamless transition on travel days!

7 Days Before

This is when we start taking notice and preparing for our imminent departure.

6 - 3 Days Before

2 Days Before

One comment we get a lot is, ‘you must be pretty good at packing by now!’ It’s true, we’ve had quite a bit of experience in the past 9 months!

1 Day Before

Tomer On the Go

Tomer on the go

Travel Day is here!

We usually book our transportation in the mornings. This allows us to get into our destination and still have some of the day to settle in before we are up and at ‘em!

The key to Travel Day is to be sure that you’re sure of the timetables and where you need to be when. Once all that is in place, the rest is just going with the flow.

1 Day After

After this we’re able to get into our routine pretty seamlessly and soak in our new home for the next month!

And there you have it, folks, the almost perfect transition plan to make for stress-free travel days, tried and tested by yours truly. Safe travels!

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