Where The Hell Are Tomer And Michelle? Follow Tomer and Michelle on their digital nomad journey

What the hell are they doing?

Tomer and Michelle fell in love 2 years ago. Three months into the relationship Tomer suggested the crazy idea that they should travel around the world together. And for some crazier reason, Michelle was absolutely for it. Since then, it’s been a long term plan of how they would be able to pull it off.

We are traveling with no true purpose or goal other than to live within a culture and learn by doing, while eating as much good food along the way as we can. Michelle will be documenting restaurants, recipes, and signature dishes and Tomer will be speaking to the overall digital experiences of nomading and anything else that crosses his mind. We invite you to follow along and feel free to get in touch via our email or comment on our posts!

We have been traveling and working remotely, otherwise known as ‘Digital Nomading’, since October 2018.